Hi, LunaBallOOOna...

Oh, my God... your pictures, not just the helium pics, but, the others as well of you... go beyond "sexual photography" or "fetish photography": they are photographic ART!!! You, and your photographer/s, are to be commended! And, DearLuna, I have a bachelor's degree in art... plus, I used to do free-lance photography on concerts and for companies for ad campaigns (minor, minor, but some)... and I appreciate a beautiful girl with balloons (and smoking) as much as any hetero male; your pics are of extremely high quality, in the settings, poses, lighting, use of cool, good balloons... WoW.

Plus, your site membership links to soooooooo many other wonderful balloon places... That is different!!!! I'd love to see YOU smoking in your beloved heliums, and NOT popping them still... : )>...

Luna, Girl, YOU take care and have a great weekend...

The pic of Maya from your members's section with the gold heliums
is WONDERFUL... And Monique??? With those multicolored balloons??? MmMmMmMmM,
to both; but, YOU are one of the most beautiful of our Balloonesses...

Really enjoying my membership to your site, LunaBallOOOna... I think it is sooooo
cool and sexy, that as much of a balloon-bustin' babe that you are, you love
those tight heliums and don't bust those...

Thanks for your efforts, and the freebies for balloon lovers who aren't members
of your site...

You take care up there in the Northland, BBabe...

Hi all,

In the last year or so, I've tried out most of the bigger web sites that cater to our bizarre form of entertainment. :) I'm writing here to share some observations.

My number one observation is that most of the balloon sites that are currently available aren't very good. In fact, most of them only held my interest for a few hours, and I never went back to them after checking them out for the first time. Generally, there are very few video clips, or mostly poor quality / boring video clips; the photography lacks creativity and enthusiasm, both on the part of the photographer and the model; and the updates are either infrequent, small, or uninspired. There are exceptions, of course, but these are often confined to a single great photoshoot at an otherwise humdrum site, or a super update schedule with material that just isn't very interesting, or (worst) the site removes old material without warning as new material is added. As far as I can tell, these three sites are the major exceptions -- they genuinely want to give me my money's worth:

1. The sites run by  sexxyballoonbabe etc.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that, IMHO, none of the other sites out there are really worth joining -- unless you're rich or bored.

Any comments? Anyone disagree? Let's get some lively discussion going on this topic. (I'm kindly asking site owners to refrain from this discussion, for what should be obvious reasons...)


Your business approach is topped only by your considerations, talent, and beauty !!! :)

Thanks for thinking of us non-poppers...

An old friend,
aka imagine


Boy, you ladies whipped my subscription into gear quick... Oh, Luna, your helium galleries... are ART photography!!! Wow, there is a lot of stuff there on the three sites, I'm about halfsick tonight, but, couldn't resist when I got word from you in my KTSR box...

Good grief, Luna--damn, you use great balloons, YOU know how to blow them up (tight!), and YOU look wonderful as always with them, in them, enjoying them... wish I had your twin sis here for my bday Tuesday!!! God, that's the best 19.95 I've spent in a WHILE...

Thank you for the great work, LunaBallOOOnaBabe. Even if you or the models don't "really have" the fetish, y'all still seem to LOVE balloons in general, and that's all I ask!!!

YOU take great care, and have a great start on the week, Luna...


Another technically perfect tease from your studio's Luna.... I love the way you always find some new body part to tie those 'loons too!

Uplifted compliments,

- Helium

God, LunaBallOOOna...

While YOU'RE the Queen of your site, as far as fun and beauty goes... those helium pics with Maya are GREAT! I loved those you did several months ago... You two should do a shoot together, and by the way, bring y'all's ciggies with you to the shoot... : )>

YOU and all y'all take care--


Great stuff luna!! Have you thought about your girls with 16" qualatex balloons blown to the max? Maybe having some tied to a belt loop and helium filling a 16"er to bursting?

Although latex is not my general interest, I must compliment Luna on those art type glamour shots. Luna you have outdone yourself this time. Thank you so much. Very tasteful, very very nice. At a time when we are so absorbed by tragic events worldwide, your photo set allows us browsers of this forum a chance to take a break. Again, thank you so much for your efforts!

Oh, Luna BallOOOna...

You have outdone even yourself in these!!! As Chip said, these are truly in the category of glamor photography (like any pics of you or the lovely Emmanuelle areN'T!)... and you didn't bust any in this set... My God, Luna, these are soooooooooo nice... a beautiful woman who loves balloons... great balloons... and you having fun doing them... tasteful, sensual, sexy, fun, HoT...

Thank you so much for sharing these!!! They're sure to adorn my desktop in a cycle soon...

You take care, Lovely Luna...

Hi Luna,

saw your new helium sets: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!! This is what I am always dreaming of - I am

glad you adapted some of my ideas. I think no. 46 is my favorite! I'd love to do a set together with you one day!

LOVE Detlef

I think it's the smile.

I'll readily admit it... I'm a sucker for a smile so vibrant. It's probably the deepest hook that my current beloved has in me, her smile... Well, that, plus her fangs. She knows I'm doomed. Luna's got that going on in spades... She has a wonderful smile. She's having fun and taking you along for the ride. That's not a bad thing at all. Pretty cool, eh?



The thing I've noticed with Luna's shots, is that in addition to being so well staged from a technical point of view, there's a tremendous amount of vivacity in them. Do you know what I mean? There's never some disprited girl with a bored "what-are-these-stupid-balloons-doing-when-can-I-go-home" look on her face. There's always a dynamic, either in the stance or the faces involved. And at last someone recognises that costuming and props aren't incidental but complementary! Luna apparently loves her work. That's always good to see in an artist! I don't think I'd ever subscribe to a pay site. But if I did, it would probably be this one.

Uplifted respects,

hi luna,

yesterday i returned from las vegas to germany, today i subscribed to your website and i am so excited about it! your helium sets are soooo great, even without inflation (which i normally prefer), but i've never seen anything like it. some pictures remind me of giant bubble bath bubbles floating around you, the bigger yellow and clear balloons look great on you - try flashing next time dressed in balloons ;-) ! i particularly enjoyed your "flashing in las vegas" pictures. which remind me of last week, my first time in vegas. especially the ones taken in the luxor. in case you visit vegas again, notify me in advance! i hope you will relaunch the live webcasts. you're the true megastar of balloondom ! in case you should need anything - european balloons for example - i'll be happy to assist (although i assume you already have quite a few fans supplying you regularly)

thanks & cheers & keep inflating !


Dear Luna

First want to say very phenomenal web site!!! Great quality in design and features!! Thanks.

Best wishes Eddie

Greetings Luna Luscious,

I am thinking of rejoining your site, sounds like you got a few new things. Can't pass up anything Luna-related !!!! The previews I've seen to your helium shoot looks completely "yummy" !!!

Did I read right? Are you the photographer/editor in most of the recent shoots ? Are we in the same trade now? How much more attractive can you become !!! (Fantasy is grows deeper...)

Hi Luna,

I just received your update and I just had to write to you to tell you just how wonderful it was, i was blown away by how beautiful it was, i just can't take my eyes off you. truly beautiful. I was wondering if you are considering doing a few clips of the galleries for the site. i would so love to see one, especially of gallery three with those beautiful yellow balloons. God you are so lovely, I would give anything just to meet you, but I guess you hear that all the time, still I live in hope.


Hello Luna

Those  pictures are priceless.